Commonly asked questions about branding, advertising, video and website design

I help marketing managers share their business’ story – specifically by designing marketing materials and publications that do just that. Having worked with a range of industries including food, retail, lifestyle and real estate, I am able to offer diverse perspectives on how we can work together to create material that will wow your audience.

What kind of businesses do I usually work with?

New businesses who are in need of an entire “package” to kick things off. I can help you hit the ground running with a customized brand package that usually includes such materials as logo, business card, letterhead, basic website, and probably some social media assistance.

Businesses who are established but in need of a “brand refresher”. I can take the materials that you already have and polish them up to fit a more modern profile, delivering important items such as a brand guideline PDF which outlines all colour codes, fonts, usage rules, etc. for your own records moving forward.

What is your design process?

The design process is thoughtful and reflective; I work with you to understand your purpose and direction and capture the essence of your story. I infuse strategy, a unique approach and creative flair to craft effective brand identities and design solutions across a range of industries and business sizes.

Communication and transparency is important across every step of our journey together, which I believe is key to a successful partnership with all clients.

01 – Discover

Collaboration is key. For your business to flourish, you need a brand that understands and speaks to your audience. I’ll dive deep into your brand through a one-on-one discovery session to understand and explore how you can best stand out through your visual identity.

02 – Design

Then I create. This is my favourite part; I’ll combine purposeful design, functional style and creative insight to execute, refine and create your visual brand. I’ll deliver a polished proposal that encompasses developed concepts, rationales and usage examples to help visualise what your brand could become.

03 – Deliver

Your vision is ready for the world. The fun doesn’t stop here. I support my clients through their entire business journey with their design, web and branding needs. I love continuing the support and evolving brands even further. A captivating experience continues well beyond a visual identity.

What are the terms for payment?

In almost all cases, payments must be cleared prior to the website going live or before the release of final digital files of printed products. Generally, payment must be made no more than seven days after your project has been completed unless prior arrangements are made. For long-term clients I offer fourteen-day terms. You can use credit card or e-transfer to make payments.

Will I own the copyright of all my finished designs?

Yes, after all your payment related to your design is done, it belongs to you. In case you are in need of any details of this in writing, please contact me.

Do you require a deposit?

For new customers, I generally charge 50% upfront payment for all web design and graphic design services. This is payable before the commencement of your work. In case you want to stay with me as a long-term client, then this pre-payment is waived off.


Can you help organizing print materials for me?

Yes, I can arrange to have print materials produced and delivered to your door at a competitive rate. I work closely with several printing companies based in Canada.

Some print materials that I can arrange include:

  • Business Cards
  • Rack Cards
  • Tri Fold Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Tshirts
  • Banners
  • Office Supplies
  • And more

Can you assist in registering a domain (.com) for me?

Yes, I can surely help you with that. Let me know what actually you want and I can do the rest.

How do you charge? Per project or per hour?

People don’t like surprises on their invoices. This is the sole reason why I quote all our jobs based on a per-project basis. This can help you to know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost.


Do you need all website content before starting the design?

Yes! I know that you are really keen to get started on your new website. However, it is very important on my end to receive the content prior to beginning, so that I can ensure that all of the key elements fit together and flow correctly as the website nears completion.

I already have a logo. Can I work with you just to make a website?

Absolutely. Remember I can always work together with your existing brand and even spruce up all your visuals if needed. Furthermore, I can even create a  style guide for your existing brand in case you don’t have one.


What if I require work that is outside the scope of your expertise?

Please let me know if there is anything that you think may be outside the scope of my wheelhouse. Typically, when this situation arises, as it tends to from time to time, I can call upon one of my freelancer peers to assist me in getting from point A to point B.

What if I don't like the design that you have created for me?

High quality work is what allows me to continue to do what I love, because my clients keep coming back. We will discuss first drafts of any design and revise as-needed until you are feeling comfortable with it.