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    We're a new business and don't have a huge budget!

    Even if you are just starting out, and don’t have much of a budget allotted for marketing / branding, please feel free to reach out regardless! A huge goal of mine is to help small businesses get off the ground and create longterm relationships along the way.

    Wether it be scaling our services to your very specific needs and budget (with no unnecessary add-ons, etc.), or simply consulting with you on how you could be doing things YOURSELF, we’d love to play a role in your success!

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    What's your process like?

    My initial approach depends on you. If you prefer to communicate via email or phone, it doesn’t matter. If you’re in Halifax and would like to meet face to face, that works too!

    Once a quote has been accepted I’ll then establish a brief of what you’re after. I begin by taking our cues from you because you know your business better than anyone else. This can be as simple as the colours, look and feel you envision or we have comprehensive brief sheets that you can fill out that might help streamline your thoughts. This enables me to be on the same page as you.

    I then begin conducting thoughtful research into your project and competitors. After brainstorming potential ideas, I then create concepts for you to review. After consulting with you I then begin making any necessary changes to the designs in the developmental stage .

    Once the final designs have been finalized I’ll send you any digital files or begin the printing process if required!

    How long have you been doing this?

    It seems crazy, but it’s been over a decade!

    I’ve been working with industry grade graphic design softwares since high-school. After graduating from NSCAD University where I studied multimedia, I began freelancing full-time. Since then, I’ve been working in-house at a full service marketing agency in Halifax called InTouch, and also freelancing on the side.

    What is your freelance hourly rate per hour?

    Depending on the client and project, I charge either hourly ($50/hr) or a set fee per project. This all depends on the clients’ needs – please feel free to touch base if you’d like a quote.

    I think that my project might be too large for one person!

    My goal at JG is to provide high quality visual marketing services no matter the size of the project, and that sometimes means expanding operations into my network of highly skilled freelancers / friends. Be it video production services, animation, 3D rendering, content creation, aerial photography, etc. I would love to help guide you to success!

    I'd like to submit an RFP!

    Thank you for considering JG for your upcoming project. All marketing related request for proposals can be sent to

    I love helping people – so reach out if you have any questions!
    Alternatively, let’s connect on LinkedIn: